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If you or a loved one have been arrested in Upshur County, Texas, Easy Pickens Bail Bonds is here to help get you home. We offer affordable bail bonds, and our bail bond agents have extensive experience working in Upshur county. We’ll get you home--fast..

Staying In Jail Leads To More Convictions

After an arrest, a suspect will be taken to the county jail, booked, and interred in the jail. This is called “pre-trial detention” and, if the defendant isn’t able to or is unwilling to make bail, they will remain jailed until their case goes before trial. This could mean months behind bars.

While this can affect their employment, family, and every other part of their life, it also means that defendants will more easily be convicted of the crime. Pre-trial detention is designed to break suspects down so that they confess, even if they didn’t do it, just so they can get out of jail and go home.

Very few people can afford to pay the entirety of their bail amount. Bail bond companies are a solution, allowing you to pay a fraction of the total bail amount and to get your freedom back. If you or a loved one have been arrested, contact Easy Pickens Bail Bonds today.

How Does The Bail Bonds Process Work?


After someone has been arrested they’ll be transported to the county jail and booked into the system. They’ll be given a court date and may have to remain detained until then.


At their first appearance at court, a judge will advise the defendant of the crimes they’re being charged with and will set a bail amount.

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When bail has been set, contact a bail bondsman at Easy Pickens and we’ll begin work immediately to get you back home.


After release, you’re free to go home. You’ll need to attend all court dates and stay in touch with the bail agents at Easy Pickens.

Experienced Bail Bondsmen In Gilmer, TX

Easy Pickens Bail Bonds has been providing affordable bail bonds service in Gilmer, TX for over 20 years. We understand that most folks who have been arrested aren’t bad people, but people in a bad situation who need a helping hand to get back on the right side of the law.

We work tirelessly to help the people of Upshur County get home quickly and affordably. If you or a loved one has been arrested in Gilmer, TX, contact us today and let us help.

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