Bail Bonds in Gilmer, Texas

Easy Pickens Bail Bonds is a professional bail bond agency serving the Upshur County community. If you have been charged with a crime in Gilmer, Texas, our expert bondsmen are fully trained and capable of getting you out of jail ASAP.

Our team has spent more than 20 years providing bail bond services in Gilmer. We understand the incredible difficulties individuals and families face as their loved ones sit in jail in Gilmer without a chance to return to normal life. Depending on the severity of the crime you have been charged with, bail can be exorbitantly expensive. That’s why a highly qualified and experienced bondsman in Gilmer can cut that cost down to a small fraction and get you out of jail.

The longer you sit in jail, the less power you will have over your life. You cannot work, cannot see your family or friends, and things at home may begin to spiral out of control. That is why it is imperative you enlist the services of a registered bail bond professional in Gilmer like Easy Pickens Bail Bonds. We have the industry experience to maneuver through the legal system in Upshur County and provide you with an affordable bail bond solution immediately.

After you appear before a judge, don’t waste any time. When you need a professional bail bonds company in Gilmer, Texas, contact the experts at Easy Pickens Bail Bonds today.

How Does The Bail Bonds Process Work?


Immediately after someone has been arrested, they’ll be taken to the local police station or county jail for booking. Afterward, they’ll be processed and scheduled to appear before a judge for arraignment.


After you have been arrested, you’ll see a judge for arraignment. The judge will set your bond. In the majority of cases, you must first be arraigned before you may post a bond.

Contact Us

Once your bond has been set, contact Easy Pickens Bail Bonds and arrange for us to bond you out of jail. The bail bonds process is designed to ensure you appear in court at the time directed by your judge.


Bail bonds are an excellent option for getting yourself or a loved one out of jail, even if you don’t have the full bail amount in cash. Once Easy Pickens is on the job, you will be released from jail. Note: you will need to check in weekly and make all required court appearances.