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People Who Say Money Can’t Buy Happiness Have Never Been Bailed Out Of Jail.

If you or a loved one have been arrested in Terrell, TX, Easy Pickens Bail Bonds can help. We’re a licensed bail bonds company, and provide bail bonds services to all of Kaufman county. If you’ve been arrested, you don’t have time to waste. Contact us now and our experienced bail bondsmen will begin the process of getting you home.

A Mistake Shouldn’t Cost Your Life

The majority of people who are arrested in Kaufman County are regular folks who made a mistake. Some are even innocent. Unfortunately, those things don’t mean much when they’re locked in jail awaiting their trial. They could be in there for months--even years--before their trial begins.

Unless a defendant pays their bail amount, they will be in jail until their trial is concluded. Depending on the crime, bail can be thousands of dollars, which is out of reach for most working folks. Luckily, there are bail bond agents. They can get you or your loved one out of jail for a fraction of the total bail amount.

If you or a loved one have been arrested, Easy Pickens can get you out for only a portion of your total bail amount. Your freedom will allow you to continue living your life while you prepare your criminal defense, so don’t hesitate. Contact us today.

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Affordable Bail Bondsman In Terrell, TX

When you’re arrested for a crime in Terrell, you’ll be booked at the police station and transported to the Kaufman County jail. Once there, you’ll be charged with a crime. If you don’t get bailed out of jail, you’ll await your trial in jail. This could be months.

Pre-trial holding is the exact same jail where misdemeanor criminals are held. You’ll be treated like you’ve been convicted and subject to all the same rules. Pre-trial holding is designed to break defendants down so that they’ll admit their guilt. It’s hard, often humiliating, and has far-reaching consequences.

Unless you pay your bail or bond out of jail, you’ll be stuck in jail. Easy Pickens Bail Bonds can help. Contact one of our Terrell bail bond agents today and we’ll have you home in no time.

Bail Bond Services In Terrell, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Bail Bonds Process Work?


Immediately after someone has been arrested, they’ll be taken to the local police station or county jail for booking. Afterward, they’ll be processed and scheduled to appear before a judge for arraignment.


After you have been arrested, you’ll see a judge for arraignment. The judge will set your bond. In the majority of cases, you must first be arraigned before you may post a bond.

Contact Us

Once your bond has been set, contact Easy Pickens Bail Bonds and arrange for us to bond you out of jail. The bail bonds process is designed to ensure you appear in court at the time directed by your judge.


Bail bonds are an excellent option for getting yourself or a loved one out of jail, even if you don’t have the full bail amount in cash. Once Easy Pickens is on the job, you will be released from jail. Note: you will need to check in weekly and make all required court appearances.

Why Choose Easy Pickens?

Fast, Reliable, Affordable.

If you or a loved one has been jailed in Kaufman County, Easy Pickens Bail Bonds has experienced bail agents that are fast, reliable, and provide affordable bond rates. Whether you’ve been charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, we’ll be able to get you out of jail and back home in no time.

24/7 Bail Bonds

Our bail bondsmen are available 24/7 to get you out of jail. Whether you’ve been arrested during the early morning or the middle of the day, you can rest assured that Easy Pickens Bail Bonds in Terrell is ready to help get you out of jail and back at home.

Quick Release

Easy Pickens Bail Bonds has been serving Kaufman County for over 20 years. We have long-standing, established relationships with the sheriff’s office, county jail employees, and judges. All this translates to incredibly quick services that get you home fast.

Financing Available

Even though bond amounts can be lower than paying the entire bail amount, it can be difficult to gather that much money quickly. That’s why Easy Pickens offers bond financing. If you’re ready to get home, we’re ready to help you do so--no matter what.