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If you or a loved one have been arrested in Quitman, Easy Pickens Bail Bonds is here to help. We offer both felony and misdemeanor bail bonds that will get you or your loved home and on the path to getting your life back.

At Easy Pickens, we know that most people wind up in jail because of a single mistake. That’s why we’re a Quitman bail bonds company that offers judgment-free services that are efficient, fast, and affordable. Don’t let your loved one wait in county lock up. Contact us today to get them home.

Don’t Let A Mistake Cost Your Life

Getting arrested is a harrowing experience. A person will be taken to the police station or county jail, strip-searched, booked in, and left to rot. Incarceration, and the rest of the arrest and booking process, is designed to generate the most stress possible. They want people charged with a crime ready and willing to confess to it, even if they’re innocent.

And all of this occurs prior to any punishment from a judge and jury.

Pre-trial holding is just as bad as the potential jail sentence. You’re in the same jail with the same criminals you would be after a guilty verdict. You’re also missing work and in danger of losing your job.

Luckily, Easy Pickens can help. As a bail bonds service in Quitman, we can get you or your loved one out of jail for a fraction of their total bail amount. Contact us today and let us get you home and back to normal.

How Does The Bail Bonds Process Work?


After you’re arrested, the police will take you to county jail. You’ll be searched, booked in, processed, and given a court date. Without arranging for a bondsman to bail them out of jail, they may remain there until their trial.


The arraignment is your first appearance before a judge. The judge will let you know what crime you’ve been charged with and will set a bail amount. Most of the time, an inmate will need to be arraigned before posting a bond.

Contact Us

Once the judge has set your bail amount, contact Easy Pickens Bail Bonds. You’ll pay us a portion of your bail amount, and then we’ll work to get you bonded out of jail and on your way home.


Once your bond is processed, you’ll be released from jail and be free to go home. You’ll be required to check in with Easy Pickens each week and to attend every court date you’re given.

About Easy Pickens Bail Bonds

Fast, Reliable, And Affordable Bail Bonds in Quitman

If a loved one has been jailed and needs a bail bondsman in Quitman and Wood County, Easy Pickens Bail Bonds is here to help. We’ve been providing fast, affordable bail bonds to Quitman for over 20 years. Whether you’ve been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, we’ll be able to get you released and headed home fast.

24/7 Bail Bonds

Arrests don’t just happen during normal business hours. That’s why Easy Pickens Bail Bonds has bail bond agents ready to get you out of jail 24 hours a day, every day of the week. If you or a loved one has been jailed, don’t wait. Contact us now.

Quick Release

The bail agents at Easy Pickens have extensive experience providing bond services in Quitman and the rest of Wood County. Over the years, we’ve developed relationships with the sheriff and judges. That means that we know who to talk to and how to get ahold of them, which means you get out of jail faster.

Financing Available

A lot of misdemeanor bail amounts are in the thousands of dollars. Some felony bail amounts can be much higher--hundreds of thousands, even. You only pay a portion of that, but even that portion might be too much. That’s why Easy Pickens offers financing to help.

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